Monday, 19 April 2010

Monday Morning Post...

This post comes a bit later than usual this week - it has been a very busy one with lots of training courses, my final FILE session and two late nights. I didn't even want to think about libraries this weekend!

The highlight of the week definitely had to be my session with the music therapists on Thursday. It's always a bit nerve-racking giving a presentation in someone else's workplace as you're never sure of the set-up. I was warned ahead of time about them not having Powerpoint 2007 so had to adjust the presentation slightly. Luckily 'Supercomputer' has the old versions of Office loaded on it so it's very easy to test compatibility. Looking at my presentation in old Powerpoint made me recoil in horror - the new version is so much more flexible and easy to use! In any case everything went very smoothly and the therapists were an excellent audience - interested, knowledgeable and very excited about all the resources available to them! I got a lovely email from the head of the department the next day and she even copied the Associate Director of Child Health and Development in!

The final FILE presentation on Wednesday went pretty well although I definitely underestimated how much I could do in 20 mins. My next challenge is to find 3 or 4 willing volunteers to do the presentation to again so I can write up my final report by 18th May....

My strict statistics regime for keeping record of training is going well so far and I'm getting better at the screening questions before the start of a training session. This week I have Critical Appraisal: Qualitative on Tuesday and on Wednesday I have a one-to-one on finding and evaluating good quality websites. Speaking of which it is nearly 9.30 so I had better head off and get to work!

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